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Photography Guarantee


Photography is a creative endeavor more so than a science.  As with all art, we all like something a little different and often have strong opinions on what we like and what we don't.  The photos on this site represent a wide sampling of my work so that potential clients can get a clear idea of my style and skill before they commit to purchasing a photo shoot.  ​

If you receive images from me that do not meet the scope of the project we discussed due to the fault of the photographer*, I will work with you to determine why and fix the issue.

After I have made every effort to get you the images you need, if we still cannot agree on a final image, I stand behind my guarantee and will refund your money.​


Please note, the guarantee does not apply to things outside of the control of the photographer such as, but not limited to, home decor and furnishings, weather, and the condition of the home (a home that is not photo ready).  I also cannot guarantee that my photos will sell the home.  There are a multitude of factors that go into the successful sale of a home, many of which are beyond the control of your photographer.


If you chose to have photos taken in inclement weather this guarantee does not apply.  Please review the weather policy.


*Please review the terms and conditions for further details.

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