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Phoenix Real Estate Photography for Vacation Rentals

Professional vacation rental photography can be key when it comes to keeping your vacation rental occupied!

Photographing vacation rentals successfully takes a different approach and eye than taking photos for conventional real estate listings.  In addition to capturing the spaces as a whole, we will also focus on the amenities and details that make your vacation rental stand out from the competition.  This can be the difference between a full booking calendar and an empty house. 

Did you know?

  • Only 43% of homeowners renting a property out as a vacation rental use professional photography! (evolve) Don't be one of the 57% not hiring a professional.

  • You have 59 seconds max to capture your next potential renters attention. That is the most time travelers will spend on your listing. (Bookfull) Do your photos have what it takes to hold their interest?

  • Revenue from vacation rentals is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.4%, that's a market value of over $18 billion by 2023. (statista) Does your listing have the professional photos necessary to grab your share?

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