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Paradise Valley real estate photography

Real Estate Photography

Weather Policy


Although inclement weather is rare in Arizona, it does happen from time to time. Please review the weather policy so you know what your options will be on those rare cloudy and rainy days. 


In the event of unfavorable weather on the day of your shoot, you may opt to reschedule for our next available opening.


You may also opt to proceed with the shoot as originally scheduled regardless of weather conditions.  In this case please understand that your photos will reflect the weather conditions at the time of the shoot - clouds, rain, etc.  Prices do not include digital processing to correct for unfavorable weather conditions (clouds, rain, etc.) when and if those corrections are possible.  Opting for this also voids the real estate photography guarantee.


In some severe weather conditions we cannot risk damage to the camera equipment and will not be able to shoot regardless.  In those instances your shoot may be rescheduled for our next available opening.

A special note for twilight shoots:  Arizona's spectacular sunsets are the exception rather than the rule.  We are not able to predict, with any degree of accuracy, what the sunset will look like on the evening your shoot is scheduled.  This weather policy does not apply to the look of the sky as it relates to the sunset.  You are free to book an additional shoot at cost if the sunset does not turn out as you need it. 


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