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Twilight Real Estate Photography

Phoenix AZ twilight real estate photo

For only a little extra you can get a lot more with twilight real estate photography.

Twilight real estate photography takes advantage of that "magic" moment (it really is just a moment, we have about 20 minutes before the light is gone) after the sun sets.  When the sky is clear or has a few fluffy clouds it becomes a range of rich blues.  And as the lights come on in the home they give off a glow that really makes the house shine.

Adding twilight real estate photography to your MLS listings and brochures will make potential home buyers stop and take notice.  Drive traffic and interest to your listings and make them stand out above the competition by adding twilight photography.

Please note, Arizona's spectacular sunsets are the exception rather than the rule.  We are not able to predict with any degree of accuracy or make any guarantees as to what the sunset will look like on the evening your shoot is scheduled.  ​


twilight real estate photography in Phoenix
phoenix twilight residential photography

Twilight Real Estate Photography FAQs

1.   Is twilight photography right for the home I am listing? 

- Twilight real estate photography is not right for every home.  There are a few things to keep in mind when determining if your listing will benefit from twilight photos.  1) Do you have working outdoor and landscape lighting that highlights the home and exterior hardscape and landscape? 2) Do you have architectural elements that are of interest?  3) How is your curb appeal? Is the front of the home clearly visible without significant vegetation blocking it? 4) A pool can look great at twilight, IF the light is working.  If there is no light it can look like a black hole. 5) Vacant homes don't usually do as well at twilight.  However, there are exceptions.


2.   Why do twilight real estate shoots cost more than day time shoots?

- Twilight shoots take longer to execute than daytime shoots due to the fact that there is time spent waiting for just the right light.  


3.   Why should I go with twilight photos over day time photos?

- There are several benefits of twilight photos over daylight photos.  One of the biggest is that most homes on the MLS are not using twilight photography.  That means in a sea of 1000s of homes your listing will stand out and leave an impression. In addition twilight listing photos often create a more welcoming feeling that people are very attracted to.  Finally, some homes really shine at this time of day.  They are all about the outdoor living with lighting, fire features and the pool.  So why not highlight these features with twilight photos?

Real estate photography at twilight in Scottsdale, AZ
Real estate photography at dusk in Phoenix, AZ
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