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Neighborhood Explorer Photography:

Show Buyers Their New Neighborhood

Real Estate Photos of the Neighborhood
Community Amenity Photos
Photos of the Neighborhood
Take your listing to the next level by showing potential buyers the neighborhood of their new home.  The neighborhood is an extension of the home and often plays a significant role in the buying decision. My neighborhood explorer package includes images of neighborhood parks, shopping, attractions, and other amenities that draw people to a neighborhood (within 5 miles of the home)*.
Add the Neighborhood Explorer Package to your next listing and show them the whole package!
Only $99.00 (+tax) for 10 day time images. (Twilight photos not available for this package)**
* Be sure to check your MLS rules about using photos from outside the home's immediate neighborhood if applicable. 
** When purchased with another package.  $150 + tax if purchased individually.
Photos of the Community
Explore the Neighborhood with Photos
Neighborhood photos for Real Estate
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