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Aerial Mast Photography - Real Estate Photography Elevated

Get an elevated view of your listing.  Using a special mast that extends 26 feet into the air with the camera mounted on top we are able to get aerial-like views of a home.  This allows us to capture the home, the grounds and even views in one image without the expense of aircraft aerial photography.


Our mast is portable so you are not limited to just the view from the street. (Day time images only)


Ask for Aerial Mast Photos on your next listing and Elevate it above the rest!


View the home and it's surroundings.

Get a different perspective.

View the

Aerial Photo


Aerial Mast Photography FAQs


Q. ​Will aerial mast photography work for any home?

A. Aerial mast photos can be done with any home.  However it is best suited for homes that have large lots, views that you want to showcase, homes with lake and/or golf course frontage, and the like.  Homes with other homes in very close proximity, either next to or behind, may not always show as well in this type of photograph.  If you would like to try aerial mast photography for a listing but are not sure we can look the home up and give you a good idea if it will benefit your listing.


Q. ​Can you photograph both the front and the back of the home?

A. Many other photographers offering similar services are limited to photographing only what can be seen from the street because their mast is attached to a vehicle.  Our mast is portable however, which allows us to photograph any part of the home that we can access on foot.


Q. ​Are there any limitations on when and where aerial mast photography can be done?

A. While we have significant mobility with our mast there are some situations where it is not ideal or will not work.  For example, too much wind will cause excessive movement of the mast so we may need to rescheudle if the winds pick up.  We'll let you know if the conditions will not get you the best photos.

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