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Back Away From the iPhone and Hire a Photographer

Market Leader ( August 2013


The evidence is stacking up supporting the benefits of using a professional photographer for your real estate listings.  This recent article on brings together some of the proven benefits of using professional photos for your listings.  It is more than just pretty pictures.

"When the typical buyer looks at an online listing, the first thing she does is look at the photo..."


"40 percent of all participants don’t even look at the agent remarks section."


"... homes that are professionally photographed sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur."

 If You Are Not Using Professional Photography to Market Your Home, You Are Not Really Marketing Your Home.

Redfin ( September 2010

The real estate website Redfin posed the question "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars. True or False?" and used data to back up the answer: "It turns out that in most cases the answer is a resounding, 'Yes!'"


"...listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076.”

Toward an Understanding of Real Estate Homebuyer Internet Search Behavior: An Application of Ocular Tracking Technology 

Journal of Real Estate Research June 2011

If you are the scholarly journal type and want to read a detailed study on the science of real estate searches by buyers this paper is a good one.  Using eye movement tracking technology the basic conclusin is "... that the photo is overwhelmingly viewed first..."  Good reason to make sure it is a good one.

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